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Pool Construction & Renovation

Customized from start to finish, every new construction/renovation begins with a free consultation to assess exactly what you want. We put together a design and work with you throughout the process to make sure all needs are met. You’ll receive expert advice with knowledge of what kind of design will best fit your property.

When it comes to customizing your design, anyone can help you pick out colors or tile, we’ll make sure you get a beautiful looking pool and the proper equipment. The right operating equipment is just as important as the way your new pool looks, we’ll work with you to ensure that your custom pool looks great and stays that way.

Since we don’t contract or outsource our labor, your custom pool installation will be completed in the most efficient way possible. We’ll always deliver the finest attention to detail and expert knowledge.

From the clean simple lines of a conventional architectural style pool to the unlimited possibilities of a freeform style pool, we use our years of experience to work with you on the perfect design to fit your property and lifestyle.
Form and Excavation
Once the design and location have been determined, it’s time to install the forms and dig the hole. We hand shape the hole, install a gravel bed for proper water drainage and a solid base, and remove any excess soil with as little impact your yard and surroundings as possible.
We install a cage of rebar in the hole, which adds to the strength of the shell. Think of this as the skeleton of the pool
This is a high strength concrete that is blown into place and hand shaped. We install the shotcrete to a beam thickness of 12 inches.
The hydraulics of your pool are critical for proper filtration, which in turn makes maintaining and enjoying your pool easier. This is why we take great care in designing the plumbing and filtration systems of the pool to best suit the size and surroundings.
Tile and Coping
This is when your style starts to show. With an endless number of colors and styles, your tile and coping selections are where a lot of personalization goes into your pool build. All of our pools come standard with 6″x6″ tile and travertine coping, but our design team can help explain all the different options and their pros and cons.
There are a number of options when it comes to your pool decking. Fro m concrete to pavers to natural stone, we can help you achieve the look you’re going for.
This is the interior finish of the pool. We include an aggregate plaster standard in all of our pools. Again, there are numerous options in style and color, each creating a different look.
Filtration System
Reliability is key when it comes to your filtration system. That’s why we install Pentair products on all of our pools. They are the industry leader when it comes to efficiency and reliability. We also include salt systems on all of our pools. This dramatically increases bather comfort, reduces chemical expenses and makes chemical maintenance easier.
Control system
From a simple time clock system to a fully automated controller with wireless remote, we can help explain pros and cons of each system so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for your needs.
Water Features
With water effects you can add to the peace and tranquility of your poolside experience a number of ways and it’s more economical than ever before. Plus, water effects allow their pool to sparkle with personality!


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